Henry discusses his new suite of concertos including a guitar concerto.

Music Played in this Podcast

Unoepic – midi file of guitar concerto – Download Unopeic Sample Score

Crea: Song Out of My Trees – with James Emery, Mossa Bildner, Jerome Harris, Ed Cherry, Ted Daniel, etc. Black Saint (1994)

Do the Needful: Everybody’s Mouth a Book – w/ Henry Threadgill, Brandon Ross, Dafnis Prieto, Bryan Carrot, Stomu Takeishi (Pi records 2001)

Make Hot and Give: Makin’ a Move – w/ Henry Threadgill, Brandon Ross, Phaeroan AkLaff, Mark Taylor, Ed Cherry, Marcus Rojas (Columbia 1995)

Tomorrow Sunny/ Revelry: Zooid – with Liberty Ellman, Jose Davila, Elliot Kavee, Stomu Takeishi, Chris Hoffman (Pi records 2012)

Recorded on December 1, 2014.