Summer Camp June 10- 14, 2019


Featuring Mike Stern, Joel Harrison, Leni Stern, Ben Monder, and Julian Lage (TENTATIVE).

Mike's remarkable career, whose highlights include stints with Miles Davis and Michael Brecker as well as 6 grammy nominations for his own work. His wife Leni Stern will be offering insights into blending jazz with traditional music from Mali and India. Ben Monder will discuss his endlessly inventive use of chords and his staggering single note runs that cross all stylistic boundaries, while Julian Lage will show us what it takes to become fantastically fluent in multiple styles of American music. And of course Joel Harrison will be on hand as well.

What You'll Get

The benefits of attending our camp extend beyond the strengths of the teachers. Of equal import are the connections you will make with other dedicated students in this gorgeous setting.

You can participate in any number of organized and impromptu jam sessions, share insights and ideas, and perform with the teachers as well.

You’ll walk away from your stay with enough inspiration to last the whole year.

Class Topics

1) Rhythm boot camp- developing your inner groove no matter the time cycle
2) Finding your own sound in any style
3) Free improv
4) The art of accompaniment in any style
5) Ways to approach jazz tunes
6) The new landscape of electronic effects
7) Playing a great solo
8) Jazz fundamentals: theory and practice ideas
9) Funk  and jazz-rock guitar
10) Business boot camp- how to make a living

"I have been playing guitar my whole life, almost 50 years now. In all that time I've never felt so inspired by a workshop. The combination of teachers, their generous manner, the setting, and the other students made for a life-altering experience."

- Dalton Potter (AGS Camp 2017)