Online Summit + Virtual Camp

In person Summer Camp August 23-37,2021

Our one-of-a-kind camp in August offers a rare opportunity to learn from true masters of the guitar. This summer's teachers include Julian Lage, Gilad Hekselman, Tim Miller, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Joel Harrison, and more. Students will have up-close, personal contact with these folks. Every year we provide support for many of our summer camp attendees who can't afford tuition. To make a tax-deductible donation to our scholarship fund, click the button below.

Greetings and welcome to year four of the most unusual, forward-thinking, open-minded guitar camp on the planet.

The conceptual influence of Kurt Rosenwinkel’s music can be readily observed on a global scale. Whether in concert halls, basement jazz club wee hours jam sessions, conservatory practice rooms or radio station airwaves, Rosenwinkel’s distinctive voice as a composer and guitarist has had an undeniable impact on music in the 21st century.

The American multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer has gained international recognition for his deft artistry and unabated individualism since he first appeared on the New York music scene in 1991. His legacy as a pre-eminent jazz guitar voices of his generation is plainly evident on his eleven albums as a leader, each one the inspiration for legions of musicians young and old across the globe. Kurt’s aesthetic vision and multi-genre facility has caught the ear of some of modern music’s most prominent stars; collaborations with Eric Clapton, Q-tip, Gary Burton, Paul Motian, Joe Henderson, Brad Mehldau, and Donald Fagen are but a few highlights from a remarkably diverse and extensive catalogue of over 150 sideman recordings.

Gilad Hekselman, one of the leading jazz players of the younger generation will discuss his gorgeously lyrical modern approach, which is powerfully anchored in tradition. Julian Lage, who continues to ascend, will show us what it takes to become fantastically fluent in multiple styles of American music. His teaching last year was a camp highlight. Ever empathetic, he reveals new depths of understanding to anyone who sits with him. He has a deep bag of unorthodox strategies to free your hands and mind. Tim Miller, another jaw-dropping player who is poised between the world of rock and modern jazz, will share his unique approaches to single line playing and chord structures. Sometimes Tim sounds like Alan Holdsworth which is amazing! And Steve Kimock, master of tone, touch, and phrasing, well known for his long association with Bob Weir and Phil lesh, Bruce Hornsby, and so many more. Steve is principally a rock and R&B guitarist, but is extremely well-versed in many forms of American roots music and is a great slide magician, too. And of course, I will be on hand as well for composition, arranging, the jazz -rock- country nexus, and learning the art of practicing.

We welcome all levels, except no beginners, please. Although our camp has a focus on jazz, in its broadest sense, anyone can profit from attending. We have had rock, blues, bluegrass players, and more. All have walked away wiser.

Julian Lage: 05-11-16 DROM (2016 Alternative Guitar Summit)
Joel Harrison: 03-10-17 (le) Poisson Rouge  (2017 Alternative Guitar Summit)


Featuring Kurt Rosenwinkel,Gilad Hekselman, Julian Lage, Tim Miller, Joel Harrison, and more.


What You'll Get

The benefits of attending our camp extend beyond the strengths of the teachers. Of equal import are the connections you will make with other dedicated students in this gorgeous setting.

You can participate in any number of organized and impromptu jam sessions, share insights and ideas, and perform with the teachers as well.

There is MUCH more info on the registration site.

You’ll walk away from your stay with enough inspiration to last the whole year.

Class Topics

1) Rhythm boot camp- developing your inner groove no matter the time cycle
2) Finding your own sound in any style
3) Free improv
4) The art of accompaniment in any style
5) Ways to approach jazz tunes
6) The new landscape of electronic effects
7) Playing a great solo
8) Jazz fundamentals: theory and practice ideas
9) Funk  and jazz-rock guitar
10) Business boot camp- how to make a living

"I have been playing guitar my whole life, almost 50 years now. In all that time I've never felt so inspired by a workshop. The combination of teachers, their generous manner, the setting, and the other students made for a life-altering experience."

- Dalton Potter (AGS Camp 2017)