Joel Harrison and Life Force Arts Present Two 3-Day Immersive Camps:

1) New Acoustic Masters Summit (May 30 – June 2, 2017)

2) Alternative Guitar Summit Camp (June 6 – 9, 2017)

New Acoustic Masters Summit

At Full Moon Resort: Big Indian, NY. Join us in a gathering of some of the most creative, illustrious acoustic musicians in America. Each of these players is a legend in their own right, and together they are formidable teaching teams.


Acoustic Masters: Darol Anger (vln), Tony Trischka (banjo), Chris Eldridge (guitar), Matt Flinner (mandolin), Cindy Cashdollar (dobro- tent.)

All these players are deeply rooted in Americana traditions, and each has made significant strides in expanding the borders of these traditions. The location is gorgeous, the facility comfortable, and the company will be outstanding.

You can expect to learn all you need to know about the roots of bluegrass, fiddle tunes, old American song forms, jazz, ragtime, and blues. But you’ll also be swept into the currents of new developments in these traditions. There has been a revolution in American acoustic music, exemplified by bands that include these teachers, whether The Turtle Island String quartet, The Punch Brothers, “Dawg music,” and many others. See and learn how new rhythms, harmony, and composition are inspiring new vistas.

Some of the classes you can expect:

  • What Makes a Great Fiddle Tune?
  • Iconic Bluegrass Solos
  • The Art of Backup: ins and outs of playing behind a singer or other soloist (not limited to Bluegrass)
  • Rhythm Boot Camp, transform your time!
  • Expanding vocabulary in the Traditional Acoustic Realm: jazz, blues, other traditions
  • How to Make Your Ensemble Playing Righteous: how to groove, swing
  • African Roots of Country Music
  • Free Country (special class taught by producer Joel Harrison
  • How to Play a Great Melody
  • New Composing Ideas

Alternative Guitar Summit Camp

Featuring Marc Ribot, Steve Cardenas, Miles Okazaki, Joel Harrison, Oz Noy, and Larry Campbell. Whether you’re looking to study jazz, Americana, avant-garde, gritty funk-rock, gorgeous balladry or the newest concepts in rhythms, you’ll find it here. The camp is an offshoot of the Alternative Guitar Summit, a yearly gathering in NYC of some of the most creative guitarists on earth. In the words of Summit founder Joel Harrison, “This camp represents the type of learning situation I longed for growing up, but could never find.”


Some classes you can expect:

1. Rhythm boot camp- developing your inner groove no matter the time cycle
2. Finding your own sound in any style
3. Free improv
4. The art of accompaniment
5. Ways to approach jazz tunes
6. The new landscape of electronic effects
7. Playing a great solo
8. Jazz fundamentals: theory and practice ideas
9. Funk guitar
10. Business boot camp- how to make a living

The benefits of attending our camp extend beyond the strengths of the teachers. Of equal import are the connections you will make with other dedicated students in this gorgeous setting. You can participate in any number of organized and impromptu jam sessions, share insights and ideas, and perform with the teachers as well. There will be ample time for conversation with fellow students and teachers alike, and if you need a break there are miles of hiking trails nearby. You’ll walk away from your stay with enough inspiration to last the whole year.

Life Force Arts, a non-profit charity begun by guitarist/ composer Joel Harrison, furthers the goal of advancing greater knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of creative music in New York State and beyond.